Billing Errors
If you believe there is an error on your bill, please submit your claim in person at the system's office before the bill becomes delinquent. If the bill has become delinquent, submitting a claim will not prevent a discontinuance of service. You may pay the bill under protest and the payment will not affect the claim.

Upon request and approval of the Water District, your bill may be adjusted due to a leak as follows:
  • The average of your preceding three months' bills will be used by the Water District as the basis for determining the amount of credit to be given after the leak has been repaired.
  • Only one adjusted bill or credit will be given for any each meter during a 12-month period. 
Special Meter Readings and Tests
Special Meter Readings
The system will make special meter readings at your request for a fee of $25. However, if the reading determines that the meter was over-read, no charge would be made.

Special Meter Tests
Meters will be tested at your request upon payment to the Water District for the actual cost to the Water District for the test being provided. However, if the meter is found to over register beyond 10% of the correct volume, no charge will be made.

Tampering With Meters
If the seal of a meter is broken by anyone other than a Water District representative, if the meter fails to register correctly, or the meter is stopped for any cause, you will pay an amount estimated from the record or your previous bills and/or from other proper data.