Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinic

For information or to make an appointment, call 252-237-3141.

STD Services
  • Services are free and available to all persons without regard to income or place of residence.
  • Appointments must be made Monday - Friday, 8: a.m. - 3:45 p.m. On the last Friday of each month the Health Department will be closed for mandatory training's, staff meetings and programmatic audits from 1-5pm. Limited clinical services will be offered from 8am-12 Noon. No examinations will be performed.
  • Services are provided by Certified Sexually Transmitted Disease Enhanced Role Registered Nurses (under supervision of an MD). Family nurse practitioners are available for consultation.
  • Health education services are available as needed or as requested by persons or groups.
  • Services that are offered include:
    • Medical history
    • Risk assessments and physical assessments
    • Appropriate lab tests and treatment according to approved protocols
    • Education of each individual clients on every visit, including giving written materials
HIV/STD Awareness Movies
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