Equipment Details

Listing of Equipment
  • Backup Generators:
    • One large generator at the County Tower 
    • Two portable generators at the Center
    • The entire building is connected to one large generator for backup
  • CAD, OSSI System
  • 5 Radio / Telephone Consoles, Motorola Gold Elite
    • Purchased in 2001
    • 4 backup radios for use during power failures
    • 1 8-channel base station and 1 14-channel, for use as backup if main radio channels fail
  • Recording System, 64-Channel Audiolog Max-Pro
    • Recordings available instantly on network attached storage
    • Positron Lifeline 100 integration capturing ANI/ALI data with recorded audio
    • Multi-channel search and replay incident re-creation software
    • Instant recall PSAP console software
    • Recording radio traffic, 911 trunks, and Console Positions