Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office shall be to provide our citizens with effective and responsive services both personally and professionally. We strive to preserve the rights and dignity of all our citizens with fairness, compassion and respect without prejudice or favor.

This mission will be accomplished in partnership with all levels of law enforcement agencies. This will be initiated with the public’s trust and through quality law enforcement, based upon the high ethical, professional and legal standards of its members.

Protect & Serve
The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to recognizing the diverse needs of the community by providing high quality services. These services include but are not limited to protecting life and property, protection against terrorism, respond to natural and man made disasters, providing mutual aid to allied agencies, preserving the public peace, enforcing state laws, processing civil actions, providing courtroom security, public school safety, supervising and caring for pre-trial detainees and the protection and welfare of animals.

With pride and courage, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office staff is held accountable to the highest standard of training and professionalism through innovative leadership and dedication to the citizens.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office staff is highly motivated individuals, and will hold themselves both as citizens of this county and as role models to others in a respectful, caring and ethical manner. The women and men of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office have a vital impact on the quality of life in the community both on and off-duty.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office will set the standard for excellence in Wilson County for (PROTECTION) Professionalism, Respectfulness, Objectiveness, Truthfulness, Ethics, Commitment, Training, Integrity, Opportunity and Non-Discrimination.