About Wilson County EMS Operations

Wilson County Department of EMS is the primary ambulance and paramedic level emergency care and transportation provider for Wilson County. EMS has 70+ technicians responding to an average of 36 calls per day. The department also serves as the administrative agency for Ambulance Franchises, First Responder Coordination, and EMS Plan Administration. EMS also coordinates a State Medical Assistance Team (S-MAT) for use in disaster and mass casualty situations. We have also recently added a Tactical Medic Team.

WCEMS operates 6 Ambulances 24/7 and one 12 hour Ambulance operates from 10am to 10pm 7 days a week.
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   There are currently four 24 hr stations:
  • Headquarters on Glendale Avenue in Wilson
  • East Nash Volunteer Fire Department, US 264 Alt.
  • Rock Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, Rock Ridge School Road
  • Elm city Emergency Services, Main Street Elm city (Oct. 2010)
The Department utilizes state of the art treatment protocols, cutting edge skills, and procedures with guidance and oversight by the local system Medical Director and approved by the State Medical Director.