Child Care Centers & Schools

Child Care Center Inspections
Child care centers in Wilson County are inspected at least twice per year. The inspections conducted by an Environmental Health Specialist deal with a wide range of health and safety issues, including proper diaper changing, food service, proper storage of chemicals, and hot water temperatures.

Child care centers are graded on a demerit system and classification is based on the following scores:
  • Superior - Less than 15 must be achieved without six demerit items deducted
  • Approved - 15-30 without any six demerit items deducted
  • Provisional - Any six demerit items are violated or if the total demerit score is 30-45
  • Disapproval - If the demerit score is 46 or more, or if the conditions which resulted in a Provisional classification have not been corrected in the time period specified by the Environmental Health Specialist
School Building Inspections
School buildings in Wilson County are inspected at least one time per year. The inspections deal with issues such as proper storage of chemicals, pest presence, availability of soap and towels, and general cleanliness.

Inspections are conducted in accordance with the Rules Governing Sanitation of Public, Private, and Religious Schools. School cafeterias are inspected in accordance with the Rules Governing the Sanitation of Food Service Establishments.

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