Emergency Management

Wilson County Emergency Management serves the citizens of Wilson County by taking the lead coordination role during major emergency and disaster situations. We coordinate resources on the local and state level to bring to bare on the hazards that may affect the citizens of Wilson County.

Disaster Situations
During major disaster situations, Wilson County Emergency Management staff work in the County Emergency Operations Center to direct other County agencies while we shelter and feed citizens, gather damage assessment information, and compile that information to work towards various disaster declarations. At times, we are tasked with making unpopular decisions that will affect the safety and well being of citizens.

Additional Situations We Respond To
We also respond to hazardous materials spills, large fires, and any unusual emergency event that occurs in the county. Our role is to obtain and provide specialized resources such as Hazardous Materials Clean-up Teams, Hazardous Materials Response Teams, Specialized Search and Rescue Resources, and any other specialized resource that may be needed on an incident.

More Information
In recent months, Wilson County Emergency Management has been providing timely training on Terrorism Preparedness for emergency response agencies and the general public. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 252-399-2830.