Care Coordination for Children Services (CC4C)

Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) Care Management is a free and voluntary program offered to children birth to 5 years of age who have long term medical conditions, are dealing with challenging levels of stress, or are referred by the child's doctor.

Your CC4C Care Manager will:
  • Ask you about your child's and family's needs, concerns and goals
  • Help you establish a medical home for your child
  • Work with your child's healthcare providers to be sure you get what you need
  • Offer referrals to community resources
  • Assist families dealing with stress
  • Offer educational information on multiple topics including child development
  • Assess your child's health and development
  • Help you get answers to your questions

Target Population and Eligibility
Care Management services are provided for all Medicaid children birth to 5 years of age who are determined to be high-risk and qualify for services.  All patients identified as having priority risk factors will be assessed by a CC4C care manager.  

CC4C services will be provided through visits at your home, child's doctors office or other community settings.

For more information, call 252-237-3141