Personnel & System Capabilities

Our Personnel
The Center currently operates with 31-person staff which includes:
  • 25 Telecommunicators
  • Training Officer
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • Database Manager 
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Assistant Director and Director
Our System Capabilities
  • Transmitting and receiving on all public safety and local government radio channels in the City of Wilson and Wilson County
  • Access to North Carolina Highway Patrol and North Carolina Division of Criminal Information (DCI) Network
  • In case of major disasters, the Center is interconnected to the NAWAS telephone system (Emergency Management)
  • 9-1-1 emergency telephone access available to ALL of citizens in Wilson County
  • Special telephone number and equipment to allow hearing-impaired persons emergency telephone access
  • The ability to alert emergency personnel by use of alpha-numerical paging.
  • The electronic telephone sets have caller ID in addition to the E911 processing capability