Senior Awareness Day

In 1994, the Adult Services Team created an outreach program for seniors and disabled adults called Senior Awareness Day as an effort to inform, motivate, encourage, and connect Wilson County seniors and disabled adults with services that were available to them, but unknown by most of them. The program was a success and has grown from 125 participants in 1994 to more than 950 participants in 2010.

Program Overview
The program informs Wilson County seniors and disabled adults about federal, state, and local programs that can assist them to live independently or in the least restrictive environment. The goal is to educate and encourage seniors and disabled adults to apply for services that can enhance their quality of life and connect them with services available within the agency and the community.

Seniors are better informed consumers and are availing themselves of services and programs in greater numbers than ever before in our county’s history. Vendors and entertainment make the event fun and informative.

Event Details
The event is held in May of each year. Come be a part of it! If you are interested in attending , volunteering or participating in this event, please call us at 252-206-4173.