Domestic Violence

Services The Wilson County Sheriff's Office is an advocate against domestic violence, assisting all victims seeking protection. We work closely with the Wesley Shelter providing housing, counseling, mediation, protection orders, and support to victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Orders of Protection
Victims of domestic violence can get an order of protection from the court. To qualify, the parties must be in one of the following relationships:
  • A spouse or ex-spouse
  • Member of the opposite sex who are living together or who have lived together
  • Parties who have a child in common or parties who are parents, grandparents, or others acting in place of parents of a minor child
  • Current or former household members
  • Parties who are dating or have dated in the past and or of the opposite sex of their Partner
What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that occurs between family members or intimate partners. It is not only the number one public health issue facing women and children in our communities, but also a frightening social problem of epic proportions and an important human rights issue. It takes many forms and can happen once in a while or all the time. It does not discriminate and may take the form of threats, physical attacks, or sexual assaults directed at the victim, the victim's children, or family members.

NC General Statute N.C.G.S. 50-B defines domestic violence as attempting to cause bodily injury, or has intentionally cause bodily injury, placing the victim or a member of the victim's family or household in fear of imminent serious bodily injury, or in fear of continued harassment that arises to such a level as to inflict substantial emotional distress, or committing or attempting to commit rape, a sexual offense, or a sexual offense with a minor child living in the household.

Domestic violence orders are for the protection of Wilson County residence only and therefore are only available to same. If the defendant of the order lives in another county Wilson will forward that order to the appropriate county agency in which the defendant lives.