Electronic Arrest

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Electronic Monitoring Program
It will be the mission of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Electronic Monitoring Program to create a new level of electronic community-based supervision of certain criminal defendants. This program’s was started with the main focus for non-payers of child support but it can also be utilized for persons of other minor misdemeanor crimes if that person is deemed to be non-threaten to others and their property.

The program provides an individual whom would normally be incarcerated for a lengthy amount of time the opportunity to contribute to society in such a way as to provide job related services and therefore making restitution toward their obligations.

Meeting these objectives will be beneficial in that it will:
  • Reduce overcrowding and the related costs
  • Reserve costly bed space for defendants charged with more serious or violent offenses
  • Increase child support payments by increasing the community-based supervision of certain nonpaying parents
Program Expectations
The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is first and foremost dedicated to the citizens of Wilson County. The individuals who are on this program must meet a very through criteria with the focus of protecting the lives and property of others. If the person under review cannot meet the expectations of the program they will remain incarcerated. If person’s on the program violate the conditions set forth by the Deputies that operate the program they will be immediately arrested and placed back into the confines of the jail.

The Deputies, who operate this program, work very hard to encourage the success of the defendants on it. They communicate with various businesses’ to help provide jobs for the person and will make certain the individuals are adhering to their duties and responsibilities.