School Resource Officers

Purpose and Code
The purpose of the School Resource Officer (SRO) is to be a peace officer by maintaining order on campus with the legal authority to arrest if required. The SRO is a resource teacher in areas of law enforcement education that can be applied in the classroom.

Then finally the SRO can and does at times play the role as counselor, by listening and assisting students with various problems. This approach enables the SRO to be a positive law enforcement role model and use proactive prevention by exposing the human qualities of law enforcement to our youth and giving them a trustworthy friend to depend on.

The SRO will be responsible for diverting minor law infractions through the school disciplinary avenues and parent counseling as opposed to sending the offender into the criminal court system. The SRO will develop various classroom presentations on a variety of subjects from substance abuse, youth and violence, motor vehicle law and safe driving, juvenile law, etc., and will be available to the faculty of their school to address student classrooms when requested.

The SRO should be an officer who deals well with youth and is able to establish trusting relationships with students through support, good counseling, and confidence.