Meter Installation

  • The District will provide an angle stop, meter, tailpiece, dual check valve assembly, and a meter box.
  • In high-risk cases, and with all commercial-industrial-agricultural applications, a reduced pressure backflow preventer and all appurtenances shall be in addition to the regular tap-on fee.
  • The District may install its meter at the property line, or at the Districts option, on the customers property, or in a location mutually agreed upon.
  • When two or more meters are to be installed on the same premises for different customers, they shall be closely grouped and each clearly designated as to which customer it applies.
  • The District does not assume the responsibility of inspecting the customers piping or apparatus and will not be responsible. Any initial tap-on inspections will be handled through the County's Building Inspections Department.
  • The District reserves the right to refuse service unless the customer's lines or piping are installed in such manner as to prevent cross connections or backflow.