Other Requirements

  • The septic tank system shall be maintained at all times to prevent seepage or discharge of sewage or effluent to the surface of the ground or to surface waters.
  • The area approved for the installation of the septic tank system must be left in an undisturbed state. Disturbances of this area may result in revocation of the improvement permit.
  • The septic tank must be inspected and approved by a representative of Environmental Health before any portion of the installation is covered. The septic tank system shall not be put into use until an Operation Permit has been issued.
  • The repair area must remain in a natural state. No permanent structure or alterations shall be made (such as removal of soil or installing a driveway).
  • The area in which nitrification field is installed must be landscaped properly to prevent ponding of surface water. Run-off or surface water shall be diverted away from the nitrification field.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, drain lines shall be installed on 9' centers.
  • At least 6" of approved soil shall be placed over any portion of the drain field with less than 18" trench depth.
Minimum Distances from Septic Tank
Item Distance from Septic Tank
Private water supplies 100 ft.
Public water supply sources 100 ft.
Building foundations 5 ft.
Basements 15 ft.
Property lines 10 ft.
Embankments or cuts 15 ft.
Water lines 10 ft.
Swimming pools 15 ft.
Groundwater lowering ditches or devices 25 ft.
Other sewage disposal systems 20 ft.