Medicaid Transportation Services

Medicaid Transportation phone number: 252-206-4105 
*Messages can be left 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.
We are here to help. 
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This service assists Wilson County residents needing transportation to and from medical providers. 

Medicaid Transportation
Eligible individuals must be receiving full Medicaid benefits for this service and must make a request three business days in advance of appointment.  Medicaid transportation is provided for the least expensive mode available and appropriate for the beneficiary. 

Transportation is provided to the nearest medical provider (unless a referral is received from the primary physician).

Gas Vouchers/Bus tickets will be ready after 3 pm the day before scheduled appointment.

 * Notices for approval or denial will be mailed to all individuals making requests.
So that we may provide the best services possible, when leaving a message please list the following:

Name of person going to the doctor
Current address   (If we do not have a current address, we cannot go back and pick you up)
Current working phone number
Name of doctor office AND the doctor you are seeing
Complete street address for medical provider including the city
Date of appointment (can’t just leave the day of the week)
Time of appointment
Transportation type- van or gas voucher
Number of people riding with you
** Note:  If you need a car/booster seat, please specify the age and weight of the child needing it. 

       Sample Message:    This is  (Name of customer) , the last  4 digits of my social security number is  1234 and  I live at  123 Number St Wilson,  my phone number is 252-555-5555.   I have an appointment at  (name of doctor, location, and time (January 2, 2014 at 10:00am.)   I need a van  with the lift gate, one person will be riding with me.